Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Andrei's for Valentine's Day :)

This year was the first time I really celebrated Valentine's Day. Although I do agree that it is a corporate invention or "Hallmark Holiday" if you will, I loved every single moment that I spent with my lovely boyfriend. We spent the whole weekend together, since we usually don't spend the weekdays together. For the actual day, we went out to lunch at Native Foods CafĂ©, where they had a special Valentine's Day menu. I got the Tempeh Scallopine and he had the Rockin' Morrocan & it was all delicious! I also got their chocolate cupcake, like I do everytime I go there. The frosting on the cupcake is really yummy. Afterwards, we went to Color Me Mine because I've been wanting to go there for awhile and he knows how much I love being artsy. He did a Mickey Mouse sculpture, while I did a Buddha jar thing :) For dinner, we went to Andrei's Conscious Cusine & Cocktails. Not being 21, it wasn't really my crowd since most of the food revolves around wine pairings and cocktails. But the food was really good, although a bit pricey. Originally, we were going to to go Houston's, but the boyfriend forgot to make reservations in time! With that said, we settled for Andrei's, but it was still a really great night. I had the Lamb Tasting and he had King Crab Ravioli, with a small plate of Crispy Shrimp. For dessert, we had the Sorbet & Ice Cream sampler, our favorite was the Peanut Butter Ice Cream & Vanilla Bean! Overall, it was a good night and I enjoyed it very much. :) Oh yeah, the boyfriend got me a LUSH "Be Mine" giftset!!!! I'm really excited to use it. :)

Smell ya later,

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